Friday, June 22, 2012

Goodbye to India

Dear friends,

Here are pictures from my last day in India. They speak much louder than any words I could write.

Last meal in the hostel mess

My table with the 3rd years. Bindhu Miss stands by to make sure noone talks at dinner.

My plate for every meal at the hostel (Claudia is painted on in nail polish at the top).
A typical dinner: rice, chamandy, beet root curry, and achar (pickle)

Latha works in the kitchen and gave me a glass of milk every night after dinner.
Later that night, Sherina and Greeshma insisted that I leave my room for a little while so that they could clean it for me. After a little while, they brought me back into my room...
...with a surprise party waiting on the porch!

The cake says, "Miss U Dear Claudia"

Our last evening together

I will never forget walking into my room and seeing this image...

Last henna hurrah: Sherina and Ledu covered me in henna for the journey home
"Claudia Brown" in Malayalam
Wishing these were permanent...

Final day in India. My farewell ceremony at the seminar hall of the college. Various speeches and gifts were given by the Principal, Vice Principal, Gigi Sir, Vimal, Cinny, Shalini, Ann... So many kind words and presents and emotions.

Gigi Sir's speech
Principal Korah Sir drapes me in a special shawl given as a mark of respect, called ponnada.

Sunita, my Indian mother
Goodbye, CMS College.

Final moments at the hostel with Warden and the girls. Warden placed a necklace around my neck.
Final photo in India. (Taken by Ledu.) Someone said, "Chechi, sing one more song." Soumya took my hand and we sang a Malayalam hymn together through tears.

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  1. I could really feel the emotion in the last picture. Very beautiful,deeply heartfelt goodbyes! You must be greatly missed. The girls of CMS have been so blessed by your time with them!